August 20, 2002
The Water Welcome

Go get a glass of water. Any kind, as long as the glass is clear – no writing or pictures on it. Set the glass of water down to your right, but not too close to your computer. I am not going to be responsible for your new Dell.

Now, what color is the water? I am not waxing philosophical here; I am serious. Mine is grey, red, black, purple, and a little bit green. Mine is not blue. My guess is that most people’s glasses of water are not blue.

What’s my point? We all know that the sky is blue, the grass is green, and tree trunks are brown. Yet none of them really are. If you look closely enough, you’ll find 10 other colors that really define each subject. Once you start looking at things around you this way, it becomes contagious. You notice things that other people see too, but aren’t prepared to fully take in. You come up with random thoughts and wonder if anyone else has noticed, or even cares.

That’s what this particular section of AO is all about: The interesting perceptions I make that likely range anywhere from worthless to whimsical. They say that geniuses are tortured by their thoughts. Well, I guess that my not being a genius allows me to be entertained by mine. I look forward to others’ reactions to the postings in Random Walks, Left Field Thoughts, and hope they are at least entertaining as well.

Now if you will excuse me, I think my basketball is talking to me. AO

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