Comments: Incomplete Thoughts on News Coverage of the War in Iraq

I'll admit it, I'm a news junkie. I'll sit there listening, reading, or watching the news for half my life and not even notice. But there's something I want to add to the source dissonance byproduct of constant and instant news coverage. It's that I tend to find news biased no matter where it comes from. Being in Baja California the past week, you notice that the slant on the coverage is vastly different. It's more raw. They show destruction from the US soldiers family's side and also in technocolor on the Iraqi side. None of that through the b/w U2 spyplane shot of distant distruction for them! It's actually not the bias that bothers me. It's that in the U.S. we're taught that bias doesn't exist in our news. "We report, you judge" they say. Unfortunately, what you're basing your judgement on are the sanitized, piecemeal pieces of a larger puzzle.

Posted by teddy at March 30, 2003 8:51 PM

Here's a hilarious example of why we shouldn't be too quick to gobble up everything news correspondents feed us:

Posted by irene at April 10, 2003 4:21 PM
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