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NYC: Kolache Mama - Cute logo, even better pastries.

I stumbled onto this little hole in the wall near Grand Central, but after having one of their sweet Kolache pastries, I'm convinced this is the next big trend in New York City.

Apparently, Kolaches are a type of pastry with Czech roots, although I've heard that they might be native to Poland, Germany, and even Japan. Wherever they are from, they're GOOD. A type of soft pastry bread, Kolache's can be filled with any number of fillings, ranging from savory to sweet to a type of cream cheese I think. I had the Peach Amaretto, and it was simply divine. Had I known how great they were, I would have sprung for the 2 for $5 deal - a price that I don't think will last in Manhattan, so get it while you can.

This place was so good that I actually attempted to go back to grab another couple all the way from Brooklyn. Unfortunately for me, it was closed one time, and I ended up running really late for my flight the second time. I was really sad that I never had a chance to pick up a couple more from Kolache Mama, but I will just have to wait until next time I'm in NYC. In the meantime, I hear that they have Kolaches at Alpine Village right here in Torrance. Guess where my next stop is?

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Oh no! They've shut down, and I'm sad! Hope some people got to try it out before it closed!


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