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Advocating for a return to thinkers

Just came across a good article in the New York Times that can be found here. It discusses the ever-increasing obsession by both parents and students with careerism - in other words, how will the degree I get help me get a job?

I have always found this way of thinking to be counter-productive and false. While getting a job certainly is important (the size of those loans, my gosh!) your education should not be geared solely towards getting a job. A person who has the luxury to go to university should see that opportunity as one to grow their analytical skills, to become more creative, to harness their innovative instincts, to learn how to think.

I think from the time I did counseling in college, I have stated that the best thing you can do in college is to "learn how to learn." Everyone does it differently, and different tactics work for different people. Recognizing what you need to do in order to learn something is invaluable. It takes time though, and that is often a luxury people don't have. College is a wonderful opportunity to take courses in multiple fields and challenge oneself to learn things that one otherwise would not learn. The beauty of it? If you learn how to learn, the world (and all of its careers) really are your oyster. What is too hard for someone who can learn anything? :)

Okay, obviously not SO simple, but you get the drift.

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Just came across a good article in the New York Times that can be found here. It discusses the ever-increasing...

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