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January 1, 2011

A New (Beijing) Year

Well, here is the return of the Email Journal, since I'm back in China and I can't easily access any of my favorite pieces of social media. No Blogger, no Facebook, no Twitter. Also no Wiki'ing something, and even my own website is still blocked because I use address forwarding. From my brief experience, and from the analysis of some friends, it seems that censorship here has gotten bolder and more encompassing, while at the same time actually losing some of its effectiveness. The government wants to avoid social networks it can't control, and in their place have stemmed a number of China-specific social networks and micro-blogging sites that the government can exert control over. Yet on social networks of any kind, information has to be posted first to be blocked, and often those precious few minutes of being shared publicly is enough to send the information around the country. It's a cat and mouse game that's still playing out, but suffice it to say that the censorship annoys me and seems pretty pointless at the end of the day. Whatever though, the mice are still running around, and that means there's still hope for the future.

I'll get some time later to put this entry up on various blogs, but for now, I'm returning to the e-mail journal format. The memories!

Anyway, another trip to Beijing means its like exploring another brand new city. It never fails to amaze me how quickly China is changing, and how ridiculously wealthy cities like Beijing have become. Wealthy and expensive.........

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January 23, 2011

The best pizza in LA

I tend to find high priced pizza to be something of an oxymoron. I associate pizza with late night post-party college face-stuffing, or with delivery guys who drive too fast, or with trying to save money when in Italy. Pizzas that cost twenty dollars generally annoy me unless they are the size of a small Uhaul. I've had my fair share of expensive pizzas that claim to use things like truffles, rare hams, and heirloom tomatoes that disappoint more often than surprise. Yet Pizzeria Mozza, part of Mario Batali's burgeoning restaurant empire, delivers pizzas that are worth every pricey penny. Rich in flavor with a substantive yet crispy crust and tons of topping choices, pizzas in Mozza show that expensive pies can indeed live up to their hype.

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