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Hey everyone! Wanted to say thanks for coming to visit, and I hope you have enjoyed your stay thus far. I'm trying to update the pictures as much as I can, and am constantly trying to add things to create an even more interesting experience. The blog is a new piece of this, and I'm still trying to get some goodies to purchase up as well putting some top 10 lists up. Stay tuned. In the meantime, please do sign the guestbook!

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Wendy, Mountain View, CA:

hehe . i do love the "where in the world is wayne" part. Nice touch. Can't wait to have you back in the states (at least for a short while).

Christine, Bath UK:

By the way,??教??一???样????????
Have a good time in Taiwan!

Elena, Oxford, UK:

Wayne, your website is both informative (in terms of Wayneness) and bloody stunning. Very nice. Although, I may try to take credit for the "Where in the world is Wayne?" I'm disappointed that it wasn't the original "where in the world is Wayne Pan(diego)?" as I think I put it.

Isaac, Irvine, CA:

nice job.. too many pictures of yourself tho. haha. j/k
have fun in taiwan.

ploer, Oakland, CA:

Selection of interesting products coming soon? nice... :)
Give us a call next time you're in the bay area...
(btw, guestbook doesn't work right under opera)

Elena! You're totally right - I forgot to give you credit! That idea was totally inspired by your email to me. And to be honest, I *JUST* got the fact that Pan rhymes with San and thus the Diego totally works....heheheh :)

Jenny SU, China:

The sitemap is a bit confusing
I prefer the original version
Anyway, wayne around the world is interesting.
I hope you have a wonderful journey in Taiwan :)

Gwen, Paris, France:

thought you'd want a mesg fr this neck of the woods. the weather was awesome the first 2 days we were here. now it's shit. it's weird to be back here

vijaykumar, India:

not bad wayne,hmmmmmmm..........i undersestimatedyou..........keep up the good work bro

Lilika, Estonia & Hungary:

Nice photos from Vienna.Camera serves you well in the dark also.Liked patterned rooftop, bench and dead poet's society the most.
Cool design also. Mmm one fault though, no photos of Lika.

Kyungeun, Cairns, Australia:

I've enjoyed the lovely photos!
Whenever I visit here,the photos make me happy.:)

Gabriel, Sandy, OR:

WOOHOO!!! One down, two to go... Thanks for being a big part of my inspiration!

Vianna, Hong Kong:

nice friends and drinks and talks last night~~ hope you enjoy it! thanks for rising out that important question to me, i just realize how much i DON'T know abt myself, coz i never through abt to face the problem in behide...thanks for everything :)

Teddy, Washington DC:

Nice site wayne. Haven't visited in a year or more, but I'm glad you're making good use of all your skills.

Maybe our paths will cross again one of these days.

Michael Bakas, Lesvos Island, Greece:

keep your eyes open to show synny moments of life around you. Your site is very good...thanks for sharing your pictures with us...keep on working like that...

Kun, Paris, France:

Hey Wayne, Well done for the site! Bravo!
Continue your journeys, live the life you like, and sharing with us the world in your eyes...

Louise, Tokyo:

Hope that all is well with you! Sending you some thoughts from humid,hot and hyper Tokyo.

Ray, Seoul:

Hey, wayne

Do you remeber me?? I'm ray who was with you at spain in jan 2009. How was your days in US?? Enjoy your time and take care :)

Hey Ray, of course I remember you! If you re-visit the guestbook for some reason, please send me an email! I think I lost yours!

Wenloong, Singapore:

looking forward to your photo with 2 girls in istanbul's blue mosque...rgds

Welcome to the new Version 3.0 of!

Cristina Juan, Barcelona, Spain:

I loved looking at your blog, I love your pictures, and I would love meeting you again. Take so much care!

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