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October 10, 2010

The scapegoat

There is something seriously sinister going on in our politics today. I have really been sad to see how many anti-other country attacks have been on the airwaves recently, and how many negative attacks in general dominate politics. This is the first major election I've been at home for in a while, and the 2010 mid-terms are aggressive, negative, and a sad reflection of "democracy in action."

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April 20, 2011

We Innovate... Don't We?

A quote in a recent Businessweek article about the latest tech bubble really struck me.

Hands waving and voice rising, he says that venture capitalists have become consumed with finding overnight sensations. They've pulled away from funding risky projects that create more of those general-purpose technologies - inventions that lay the foundation for more invention. "Facebook is not the kind of technology that will stop us from having dropped cell phone calls, and neither is Groupon or any of these advertising things," he says. "We need them. O.K., great. But they are building on top of old technology, and at some point you exhaust the fuel of the underpinnings."

I've been thinking quite the same thing for some time now. I think you can throw in the move to a service economy (and thus, away from manufacturing), as well as our focus on finance as a major "industry" into this mix of why our economy is tanking.

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