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November 13, 2009

New York City

So I spent the last two weeks in New York City - a place that wasn't very high on my list based on two previous (and very short) trips there almost 10 years ago. This time, I was pleasantly surprised.

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November 14, 2009

Food in NYC

New York is supposed to be the best place in the US for food, with tons of celebrity chefs doing their celebrity thang there. I've personally always thought of the Bay Area as having the best food that I've had in the country. So, not to throw myself into the David Chang vs. the West Coast war, but here is a series of posts on the places *I* tried, and what I thought of them - categorized by my verdict.

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NYC: Marlow & Sons - Living up to the hype

Few of the really hyped up places I went to in NYC lived up to their reputations for me. Marlow and Sons in Williamsburg was one that did.

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NYC: Kolache Mama - Cute logo, even better pastries.

I stumbled onto this little hole in the wall near Grand Central, but after having one of their sweet Kolache pastries, I'm convinced this is the next big trend in New York City.

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NYC: Food - You will not be disappointed

Everyone has really different tastes, so there are very few spots that I feel comfortable recommending with no reservations. Thus, only two in the "You will thank me" group. But, there are lots of places that I enjoy and that I think others might also - but I don't think they are transcendent, and they have obvious weaknesses. That's this group.

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NYC: Food - You could do worse

I recognize that I am a hard eater to please. If something isn't transcendent, I move to this complex value/connection/taste/emotion evaluation framework that basically boils a restaurant down to this - the food is fine (maybe even good) and I'm not unhappy I ate it, but it might be overpriced, over-hyped, overdone - something. These are them.

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NYC: Food - Why not, but why?

This city is all about hype, and we all know how much I love hype. Luckily I didn't really find much to hate here in New York. Just some places that I think are probably over-hyped and really not worth all of the fuss.

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NYC: Food - Pork buns?

First, one word: Momofuku. Second, two more: Pork buns. This is where it is supposed to be at. This is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. Is it?

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December 13, 2009

Some dern good coffee

I admit that I am not a coffee connoisseur. I generally can't tell the difference between most popular brands of coffee (I acknowledge that many people like Peets over Starbucks, but I can't tell you why.) In fact, I'm so bad, that I even failed the Starbucks VIA challenge three times. So, how can I sit here and write about "good coffee"? Well, because Intelligentsia coffee is pretty amazing. Blue Bottle isn't bad either.

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