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i'll be honest. i registered this domain name because it was cheap. i think it was $8.95 for five years at yahoo. everyone knows that i am a sucker for a good deal (i just recently purchased 8 bars of soap for about 3 months in Hong Kong because at 50 cents each, they were about 20 cents a bar cheaper than if I had just purchased one or two that i actually intend to use. but nothing! and for those wondering if this particular personality flaw might be the root cause for my traveling around the world with at least 70kilos of luggage at any given time, zip it.) in any case, after i registered the domain, i realized i didn't have anything to put up on it. i already had a bevy of other websites, and i didn't have the time or energy to really do something as narcissistic as this, so i turned the domain into a simple portal, linking to my other websites.

yet, as is clear now, the "love of self" has run smack-dab into the "dearth of work" and the result of this unholy copulation is the website you are (for some unknown reason - probably boredom bordering on insanity) browsing now. while the main purpose is still to serve as a portal for my other websites, i've decided to expand it to include some information about myself and to help keep my family and friends updated about the stuff going on in my life and to experiment with some stuff. i especially enjoy the "where in the world is wayne" page, where i try to let everyone know where i've been in the recent past and where i'm going to be in the near future. the guestbook is also something new that I basically haven't tried on any other websites of mine. i'm hoping to add some flash elements, some pictures, and other creative things that don't fit in anywhere else.

i'm going to try to keep adding to the website so that it's fun and informative, and hopefully you all will keep coming back on a semi-regular basis! also, in the near future, all of my intrepeid explorer friends out there may end up finding some cool hidden gems in the website also, an extension of the easter egg games i played on my photojournal:china site. in the meantime, look around, have fun, and then, come back! :) thanks!

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* okay, obviously not required, but man do my pictures look good on one of those imacs!

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Version 3.0 | December 12, 2009
-Brand new website!

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DynamicDrive.com for their free DHTML scripts
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Airtight for their extraordinarily easy to use and useful flash image viewers
A List Apart for their comprehensive blog covering copious amounts of CSS and website design/layout issues
Google's Blogger blog software for hosting virtually all my blogs, and Feedburner for their extremely helpful RSS feed stats and tools
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