Welcome to the World of Wayne. I have a penchant for creating new websites on whims, generally when I think of some sort of creative idea that I want to pursue in website form, or when I take a trip or encounter a topic that seems to deserve it's own themed site. Thus, if all my stuff seems more like a conglomerate with multiple brands than the work of a single person, well, yeah. And sorry for it not being so easy to use! :) However, each website is nicely formed into little bite-sized chunks, and I am starting to launch more blogs and sites that are sticky. So, look around, and have fun.
Launch Date
October 2009
Online Journal and Photos
A new website devoted to some of my writing and photography surrounding the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Website includes all of my daily email diarly entries from my trip last year, as well as never-before-seen pictures. The site also includes a new essay by me entitled "One Year On." The website uses an interesting calendar motif for navigation and is almost wholly designed using CSS.
July 2009
Blog and Social Community
Young Retired Persons of America. A online social community for young professionals who are currently "retired" from their careers - in other words, those who are taking time off, either voluntarily or involuntarily. The site hopes to provide connections, support, and advice for those who are retired young and in search of inspiration or a forum in which to inspire others.
February 2009
Blog and Opinions
greenpropaganda.com is a blog devoted to highlighting trends in environmentalism both in the US and around the world. Goal is to discuss both sides of the complex issues that surround most environmental topics as well as advocate for and support deeper learning about these environmental issues of interest.
June 2005
Blog and Photos
我的MSN空间。用来贴一些我朋友,朋友的孩子,美食,旅行,等等的照片。其实塞满了一大堆杂七杂八的 - 就像我的家一样的! My MSN Space. I'm using Sinful Artistry to post pictures of friends, kids, food, and trips, along with blog entries in Chinese. Its an ecclectic mix of junk. Sort of like my apartment.
November 2005
Webxhibit(sm)- Photographs
I found a great cafe called the Coffee Mug in Mong Kok where they had lots of black and white pictures up on the walls. It inspired me to start taking my own b&w pictures, some of which are now up here. The design was inspired by museum exhibits, and the result is my first "Webxhibitsm".
January 2004
Online Journal and Photos
New stay in China, new website. I've always been a lazy email writer, so I didn't want to keep doing email updates. But taking pictures was easy. Thus the photojournal was born. Laziness IS the mother of invention.
September 2002
Writing and Photos
My first "living abroad" website, this site is made up of writing and pictures from my stay in China during the spring of 2002. While there, I sent out long emails to my friends, and when I got back to LA that summer, I put them and some pictures up on this website.
May 2007
Writing and Photos
A 2500 mile roadtrip, a daily journal, and a bunch of pictures seemed to make for a decent article/webpage so I decided to experiment with doing JPG-based print layouts and put them online. Here is the result.
November 2004
Resaurant Reviews
Spring 2000, Anthony and I are in Berkeley thinking that eating and writing reviews would be a good mix. But this website fell victim to bad timing and just plain laziness. We finally put something up in 2004, but by that point www.twoschmucks.com was already withering away. The domain name has now been registered by someone else, so I'm afraid twoschmucks will only live on in our memories....