Where in the World is Wayne NOW?


  • Jan 2 - Jan 16 [Vietnam]
  • Dec 29 - Jan 2 [Hong Kong]
  • Dec 21 - Dec 24 [Las Vegas]
  • Dec 01 - Dec 08 [Bay Area]
  • Oct 28 - Nov 10 [New York City]
  • Oct 24 - Oct 28 [Washington, D.C.]
  • Sept 04 - Sept 08 [Portland]
  • Aug 30 - Sept 04 [Seattle]
  • Aug 13 - Aug 29 [Bay Area]
  • Aug 2 - Aug 4 [Las Vegas]
  • Jul 3 - Jul 5 [Las Vegas]
  • Jun 11 - Jul 1 [Budapest/Europe]
  • Feb 5 - Jun 11 [Los Angeles]
  • Jan 30 - Feb 3 [Berlin]
  • Jan 27 - Jan 30 [Venice]
  • Jan 25 - Jan 27 [Florence]
  • Jan 19 - Jan 24 [Rome]
  • Jan 16 - Jan 19 [Marrakech]
  • Jan 13 - Jan 16 [Fez]
  • Jan 10 - Jan 12 [Seville]
  • Jan 7 - Jan 10 [Granada]
  • Jan 5 - Jan 7 [Valencia]
  • Dec 31 - Jan 5 [Barcelona]
  • 2008
  • Dec 23 - Dec 30 [Paris]
  • Dec 21 - Dec 23 [Amsterdam]
  • Dec 12 - Dec 15 [Arctic]
  • Dec 9 - Dec 11 [Oslo]
  • Sep 3 - Dec 21 [Lund]
  • Aug 24 - Sep 2 [Los Angeles]
  • Aug 3 - Aug 23 [Beijing]
  • Jul 25 - Aug 3 [Hong Kong]
  • Jul 24 [Cathay Pacific]
  • Jul 4 - Jul 23 [Los Angeles]
  • Jun 24 - Jul 3 [Traveling]
  • Jun 19 - Jun 23 [Budapest]
  • May 20 - Jun 18 [Greece]
  • Jan 8 - May 20 [Budapest]
  • Jan 4 - Jan 7 [Milan]
  • Dec 17 - Jan 4 [England]
  • 2007
  • Nov 1 - Nov 3 [Vienna]
  • Sep 8 - Dec 16 [Budapest]
  • Sep 7 [American Airlines]
  • Aug 18 - Sep 6 [Los Angeles]
  • Aug 1 - Aug 17 [Yellowstone]
  • Jul 12 - Aug 1 [Los Angeles]
  • Jul 12 [Cathay]
  • Jul 8 - Jul 11 [Hong Kong]
  • Jul 7 - Jul 8 [Bangkok]
  • Jun 23 - Jul 6 [Myanmar]
  • Jun 7 - Jun 22 [Yunnan]
  • Jun 4-6 [Shenzhen]
  • Mar 21 - Jun 4 [Hong Kong]
  • Apr 11-16 [Taiwan]
  • Mar 10-15 [Cambodia]
  • Los Angeles

    Back at home with the parents.

    Washington, D.C.

    (October 24 - October 28)
    A quick trip to DC to visit with friends and acquaintences and re-visit some of the sights (including the Smithsonian) that I like so much about DC!

    New York City

    (October 28 - November 10)
    Accompanying a first-time-visitor friend to NYC and then staying on longer myself to hang out with friends and "discover" the city for the first time in my adult life. Looking forward to eating, watching musicals, and seeing how people live in the bubble.


    (August 30 - September 04)
    Taking advantage of my free time to visit Seattle for the first time. Conveniently, I get to hang out with a couple of college friends that I've not seen in a while, and I'm planning a national park trip at the same time. Pretty decent!


    (September 04 - September 08)
    It has been altogether too long since I've seen my godkids in Portland, so this is a perfect opportunity to do so. I've got a teenage goddaughter!!! Anyway, a trip down on the Amtrak to Portland will be followed by an afternoon exploring the city - then it's off to visit my godkids, and I will likely spend most of the rest of my time with them.

    Bay Area

    (December 1 - December 8)
    A quick trip up north to see the newest kiddie in the group, Elliot. I'll also be seeing all of the other kiddies, as well as reconnecting and checking in with a few people that I haven't seen in a while and won't be seeing in a while because of Backpacking.

    Mammoth/Bay Area

    (August 13 - August 28)
    Planning a brief camping trip to Mammoth with Young, then it's up to the Bay Area to hang out with friends and see the kiddies! Can't wait, I've got cute clothes all prepared for them! (The kiddies!)

    Las Vegas

    (December 21 - December 24)
    The annual Christmas trip to Las Vegas, minus one sister who is doing the BF thing this year (wow!) A first for the Pan family I think. :) Not staying too long, because I have lots of stuff to take care of before the big trip!

    Las Vegas

    (August 2 - August 4)
    Sister is in Vegas for one day, and since I haven't seen her in ages, I'm going out there for a couple nights. My parents get to go too - those 1 cent video poker machines better watch out!

    Las Vegas

    (July 3 - July 5)
    A weekend of debauchery with Jason and friends in Las Vegas, that will hopefully NOT result in me losing the groom just two weeks before the big day!


    (January 30 - February 3)
    A breather in Berlin with my friend Ben before I go back to Sweden to get my bags and then fly home! Berlin should be nice, if a bit cold - I've heard from many that it's one of the most dynamic cities in Europe right now. Plus, I'm working on renting a car and driving on the Autobahn. How cool would THAT be?


    (January 27 - January 30)
    Ah Venice! I'm hoping it's a bit better than being at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Hehe. Again, not sure what I'm supposed to see, but I do know that I won't be taking an 80 euro gondola ride, AND that I should be going with a girlfriend or a wife. UGH. Hehe, but I'll enjoy Venice nonetheless, I'm sure!


    (January 25 - January 27)
    I really have no idea what I'm supposed to see in Florence, but everyone says its quite nice, so I'm going. Hopefully I can find someone around to guide me a bit... otherwise I'll have to do some internet research before I go, and we all know how much I love internet research!

    Los Angeles

    (February 5 - Onwards)
    Writing my thesis from home, so this time I'm going to be back in LA (hopefully) for a few months at least. It will be nice to live in the US again, especially now that Obama is in the White House! Although, everyone outside of the US loves him so much, it's nice to be American abroad again too. Humm. :)


    (January 19 - January 24)
    This is a stop that I am very much looking forward to. One of the cities that I have always wanted to visit, Rome is both mysterious and exciting for me. I cannot wait to go to the Vatican, to see the Colisseum, and to walk through the alleyways. I feel like 5 days might not even be enough!


    (January 13 - January 16)
    My first real stop in Morocco should be interesting - the old city (medina) in Fez is supposed to be quite nice and mysterious, so I'm looking forward to getting lost and confused here. Not sure what else there is to see since the mosques are all closed to non-Muslims, but I'm sure I'll find something.


    (January 16 - January 19)
    My second and last stop in Morocco unfortunately is the city of Marrakech, an ancient imperial capital just life Fez. Also just like Fez, the attraction here is supposed to be the medina and it's many souks. Hopefully I won't be souked-out by this point. If I am, I'll just find some cafes to whittle the time away in!


    (January 10 - January 12)
    Seville is supposed to be the capital of Islamic-influenced Spain, and pretty amazing in its own right. There's another amazing palace here, and I think there's a really good night and cultural scene. I'm hoping to find a cheap place to watch some local flamenco dancers, but it's hard to get off the beaten tourist path sometimes. Wish me luck!


    (January 7 - January 10)
    The trip from Valencia to Granada is going to take longer than I expected - something like a 7 hour train ride - but hopefully that means I can get some work done on the train while seeing the countryside at the same time. Granada itself should be amazing - I've heard great things - and I'm very much looking foward to seeing the Alhambra.


    (January 5 - January 7)
    The plans get a little more foggy here, but I'm planning on spending a couple nights in Valencia before moving on into the heart of Andalucia. Valencia should be a good place to find some cafes and do some work, and to go out and see how the Spaniards live at night. If I have money by this point that is!


    (December 31 - January 5)
    Okay, so, New Years Eve in Barcelona. Need I say anything more? What, it's not enough? Okay, then add Flora, Lika, Bello, and Brian. Still not enough? Gaudi? The beach? No..not yet?? Fine.. FC Barcelona versus Mallorca. How is THAT for a rollicking new years celebration?? That's right baby! Excited.


    (December 9 - December 11)
    Talked about going to Oslo and the Fjords since getting to Sweden, but there always seemed to be other things to do. So I made the decision to not only go, but to also get some work done at the same time for my thesis. Unfortunately I won't have enough time to visit the Fjords, but Oslo itself should be nice, and it will give me another reason to come back to Scandinavia.


    (December 12 - December 15)
    Seems a waste to be in Scandinavia but not go up to the Arctic Circle. So I am going to take about 48 hours of trains to get to Kiruna (100km north of the Arctic Circle) where I will hang with Ajay for a couple days. We are keeping our fingers crossed for crazy ass weather, the Northern Lights, and a visit to the Icehotel!


    (December 21 - December 23)
    I've heard a lot of good things about Amsterdam, and since I was on my way to Paris anyway, I thought I'd spend a few days there. It took a while to find a decently priced (for Europe) way to get there, but it's all set and I'm going to spend a few days there before I catch a bus to Paris. No weed and no prostitutes for me, but I am planning on checking out the infamous red light district as well as more benign sights like the Van Gogh Museum.


    (December 23 - December 30)
    Christmas in the City of Lights, isn't this what everyone wants to do? I couldn't go home this time around, so I figured what better place to spend Christmas than in Paris? Thankfully, my friends Gwen and Ludo (with their uber-adorable baby) are going to be there too, so not only do I get to explore the city, but I get to experience a real French Christmas! Tre Bien!


    (September 3 - December 15)
    The third MESPOM semester (and last teaching one!) is at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. Can't believe I'm going to be living in yet another place, but the short duration of this one makes it feel like an exchange program or summer camp rather than a full-fledged place that I've lived. But I guess I stayed about the same duration in Hong Kong, so I think this probably counts too!

    Los Angeles

    (July 12 - Aug. 1, Aug. 18 - Sept. 6)
    It will be nice to be at home again, especially with the great weather that LA always boasts. No more oppresive humidity in Hong Kong, and dry roasting heat in Beijing. It'll also be great to see family and friends and all of the recently born and yet to be born munchkins.

    Los Angeles

    (July 4 - July 23)
    A much needed trip home where I can hang out with my family and friends, enjoy the SoCal weather, and just relax and ignore school related stuff. Homesick!!

    Los Angeles

    (August 24 - September 2)
    Short stopover at home to wrap up left-over errands, swap suitcases, and rest a bit before going to Lund. If only my time at home could be longer!


    (September 3 - December 15)
    The third MESPOM semester (and last teaching one!) is at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. Can't believe I'm going to be living in yet another place, but the short duration of this one makes it feel like an exchange program or summer camp rather than a full-fledged place that I've lived. But I guess I stayed about the same duration in Hong Kong, so I think this probably counts too! List it!


    (August 3 - August 23)
    Going to the Olympics in Beijing. Well, sort of - going to be in Beijing with the Olympics, but not actually watching any competitions. With all of the press surrounding the Olympics and the tragedies happening there, this should be an eventful trip, and for me, a good sociological study, seeing how things have changed and what "face" the government puts on China.

    Yellowstone Roadtrip

    (August 1 - August 17)
    An extended roadtrip with the family. Driving from LA to the Bay to take my parents to visit relatives. Then it's on to Salt Lake City to pick up the sisters and a long haul to Yellowstone. Six days later, the parents and I head down towards Bryce and Zion, before stopping by Vegas on the way home.

    Vienna, Austria

    (November 1 - November 3)
    My first weekender in Europe, a couple classmates and I are heading out to Vienna for some culture and some good cakes. The museums and the architecture should be nice too, and I'm excited to try some REAL Weinerschnitzel and Vienna Sausages! None of that crap we have in the US!

    Milan, Italy

    (January 4 - January 7)
    Meeting my classmate Lika in Milan. Although difficult to believe, this WILL be my first time visiting the fashion-capital of the world. I know, you would have expected that I would have been born and raised here, with as fashion-forward and well-dressed as I usually am, but this is it. My first time in Italy and my first time in the fashion capital.

    Lesvos, Greece

    (May 21 - June 18)
    The last portion of our school year will be in Lesvos, Greece at the University of the Aegean. Should be pretty nice, as the weather should be great, there are ferries to Turkey and the mainland, and the whole program - around 30 some odd students - will be scattered throughout the town at hotels. Feels like a study-abroad program, and I imagine it will be just as fun!


    (December 17 - January 4)
    Never thought England would be the first country in Europe I'd have a major vacation in, but here I am, planning to spend two weeks here visiting friends and London over the Christmas break. At US$2 to the British pound, it's not going to be pretty, and maybe I'll be a bit hungry, but interesting still. My itin takes me to Cambridge, London, Bath, and Wales!


    (September 8 - May 18)
    Getting a master's in Europe. The first stop is Central European University in beautiful Budapest, Hungary. An old city with great architecture, even if most of the city was bombed out during World War II and reconstructed after. I feel like it's got more character than Vienna, less polished, more raw and just more real. You can find me chilling in my apartment, or in a cafe with friends and classmates.


    (June 19-June 23)
    Picking up my luggage from Budapest and going to see our one-year program friends graduate. Will try to hit a thermal bath and do some of the last-minute Budapest sights that I never got a chance to go to before.


    (June 11-July 1)
    This is it! Graduation time. The journey is finally coming to a close, and I was lucky enough to be able to fly back to Europe to meet with my friends and get some nice emotional closure after two long years. Hopefully I'll have some money left over to travel a bit too.

    Flying to Asia

    (July 24)
    Finally going to get a chance to ride in the new Economy class on Cathay's airplanes. The ticket cost me an arm, a leg, and a few of my toes, but it's as cheap as I could find.

    Hong Kong

    (July 8 - July 11)
    Rest and recoup for a couple days in Hong Kong before heading back to LA. See some good friends in Hong Kong for the last time for what might be a couple of years. It will no doubt be nice to have a decent shower again, although picking up all of my luggage and humping it to the airport will no doubt make me nice and sweaty all over again.

    Hong Kong

    (March 21-June 4)
    The new "homebase" at least for the next few months. Hanging out with friends, exploring one of my favorite cities in the world, and shopping shopping shopping. Also spending all of my savings, so if anyone has part-time work let me know! Hahaha

    Hong Kong

    (July 25-August 3)
    A much-anticipated return to Hong Kong, for some good food, some good shopping, and reunions with some very good friends.

    Hong Kong

    (December 28 - January 2)
    It's been over a year since I've been to Hong Kong, so I'm excited to go back, even if it is just for a super-short stopover. I will however, be doing New Years there, so that will be interesting. Haven't had much of a chance to arrange things yet with friends, so hoefully it won't be a bust!


    (June 4 - June 6)
    A brief stopover in this yucky bordertown to visit a few friends and pick up some last minute supplies before I take off for my last great adventure in Asia (this time at least!)


    (June 7 - June 22)
    Seems like it would be a shame to leave Asia without having set foot in Yunnan province, so I'm making it a point for one last great adventure before I head to graduate school (and become a real, honest-to-goodness adult!). Packing the backpack and my cameras, it's time to hit the road in China again.

    Taipei, Taiwan

    (April 11 - April 16)
    Back again. My good college friend is in Taiwan on a trip and we're going to be crossing paths - I'm leaving for grad school (hopefully) and Tracy's moving to Japan to experience the good life. So hanging out, and of course, eating very very good food. =)

    Flying to LA

    (July 12)
    Should be my last flight on Cathay for a while... and it won't be in one of the new cabins. Cathay Pacific has definitely gone down-hill since I first flew them all throughout Asia in 2000. Now the cabin changes aren't going to get phased in until "late 2007"... boo for Cathay!

    Flying to Europe

    (September 7)
    Using the last of my miles on American Airlines to fly from LAX to Budapest... by way of New York and Madrid. It's a full day of traveling, and I'm sure when I get off the plane, I won't even know what time or day it is!


    (June 24-July 3)
    Not sure where I'm going yet, but I'll be traveling around Europe before I head back to Cali for summer break. Potential locations include Turkey, Madrid/Spain, and an overnighter in Miami. But the world is my oyster. Who knows! :)


    (January 2 - ~January 16)
    The first leg of Backpacking in a Suit starts in Hanoi, where I will get off the plane and immediately immerse myself in wedding preparations for the next day. Then it's about two weeks or so of travel through the country, hopefully ending up in Ho Chi Minh.


    (March 9 - March 14)
    Five luxurious days in Cambodia. My Mom and I will both be experience Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat for the first time, and our first day, in much style too. Raffles Le Royal, here I come!


    (June 23 - July 6)
    Traveling overland from Yunnan, China into Myanmar. Doing some short treks in Shan State and near Inle Lake, and checking out the temples in Bagan. Seeing what big city life in Mandalay and Yangon is also on the docket.


    (July 7 - July 8)
    You've gotta love Air Asia! A flight from Yangon to Bangkok for only 25 bucks. I haven't been to Bangkok for over seven years and it will be interesting to see how much Bangkok has changed.