November 18, 2002
"There's this great tool that God gave us. It's this thing in our heads that goes...mmmfuckit!"

I was feeling ambitious this morning. Thought I’d have a crack at carrying out my old routine, so I dragged myself out of bed at 7 a.m. to get ready for the 9 o’clock class I’ve been missing for the past couple of months. After that it was off to do some reading, then some working out, then to my 2 o’clock psych. lecture. Needless to say, my ambition dissipated as quickly and as easily as it had set in. At least I was able to walk through Sproul Plaza early enough to enjoy the stroll—when the usual gaggle of idiots handing out fliers and soliciting everything from friendship to Jesus hadn’t set up camp just yet. There really is something gratifying about waking that early. You catch a hint of something wonderful in the air, like you’re standing on a summit before a great fall. Countless things are on the verge of happening, and you can almost feel them begin. Case in point: I saw a guy practicing his breaststroke in the middle of lower Sproul (and I thought I had a lively imagination). I can only assume he was on his way to a swimming class, unless he (being the typically over-achieving Berkeley student that he probably is) was trying to challenge the limits of gravity and human ability, and was propelling himself for flight. No one can really know. Either way, that guy was off to do something great, and one can subtly sense the forthcoming burst of energy, if s/he wanted to.

Anyway, I made it until noon, before I surrendered myself to the allure and comforts of the tiny, quiet bubble I call my apartment. Pascal once said: “all the world’s problems are caused by people who cannot sit alone in a room”; I’m glad to say I am not one of those people. Give me a little bit of solitude, good music, great literature and I’ll be content for as long as it takes me to realize that one can only go for so long without uttering a word to another soul (try it if you ever get a chance--try not talking to anyone, not even to yourself, for a whole day--it's enough to make you go nuts). It’s just too bad I didn’t follow through on my plans though. Oh well, I still have about two and a half weeks left before the semester ends. Maybe I can give "being a good student" another go next Monday.

Posted by irene at November 18, 2002 12:57 PM

u need to come

Posted by: gggipa on November 19, 2002 3:59 PM

For next Monday, here's the plan:
1. Wake up.
2. Make pot-o-coffee.
3. Drink whole pot-o-coffee.
4. Take cold Shower.
5. Go to Starbucks.
6. Sorry, get dressed first and then go to Starbucks.
7. Order six shots of espresso.
8. Order six 'Double Shots' in the can to last you the rest of the day. (Those are good!)
- Use 'Red Bulls' when needed.

This should be good enough to last you until 11 pm when you need to go to bed for the next morning. Oh, and unless you have heart problems, than I only recommend 3 'Double Shots'.

Posted by: marc on November 19, 2002 10:21 PM

u asked me to post longer comments but truthfully, i have none. but here's something you might enjoy:

impending fish revolution...
my fish has turned into a spastic demon. for my brother's 20th birthday my father purchased an aruana (im assuming thats how its spelled- using phonetics of course) which is a long pinkish fish that gets bigger the bigger the tank is. like a plant or herb or something that grows to the capacity of its pot. this fish lived happily in the tank, coexisting with two other fish, species unknown- they could be mutts since the original black fish mated with a goldfish producing the female (or male?) of the pair. then, after seasons of neglect and the buildup of bacteria in the tank- which we could get in trouble for because couldn't neglect of fish's habitat be considered animal cruelty? i would think so since the poor bastards are swimming around in their own fecal matter and breathing algae in and out-inevitably the fish became sick. my father has recently begun to administer medicines of some sort to cure the fish of some sickness and now that i think about it the aruana has kind of been tinged with a green sickly color lately. anyway, so 2-3 days have passed with normal fish behaviour emanating from the tank but suddenly (on tuesday to be exact) i noticed that everytime i pass by the tank the aruana has a spasm and almost seems to be lunging at me...lunging. is that normal? these two little antenae sort of things that protude from his mouth have turned that a sign? has it gone mad? i just asked my brother how to spell this fish's species and he says "a-r-i-w-a-n-a", can't be too sure tho coz that might be phonetics working as well. anyway, so you can imagine my surprise and fear everytime i pass by and a fish tries to attack me. isn't it obvious to the fish that it is in a tank, four walls of glass holding it in, whereas i am on the outside of the said tank. hmmm...apparently not. so, if anyone has any answers to this strange phenomenon pls be kind enough to alleviate my fears. its pretty freakin scary to have a crazy fish living in tank- i keep thinking that one of these days as i'm feeding the poor bastard it might take a fancy to my face, jump out, and claw (or bite?) my face to pieces. im sure you can imagine my paranoia. the fish have become restless.

Posted by: snaga on November 22, 2002 4:29 PM

Ah yes, they've become restless indeed. I wonder...has it ever occurred to you that the small size of the tank could be the cause of this erratic behavior? The poor guy is getting larger and larger by the minute, after all, and living in a box only 3 times its size can't possibly be conducive to "normal a-r-i-w-a-n-a" behavior. Maybe it's turned suicidal, and just wants to jump out and die by asphyxiation. I'll bet you're fucking with it aren't you? Come on, own up to it, you know you are you sadist.

Posted by: Irene on November 24, 2002 6:34 PM
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