November 28, 2002
Mmm...Turkey Day...

I gotta love it. But, not for the typical reasons, not because I find comfort in its traditional value—the televised parade, football, stuffing, and that blessed monster-bird whose consumption leaves everyone comatose for a week—or because the holiday provides the occasion for a four-day break, not even because it draws the family back together (extended relations included)…we all know how overwhelming that can sometimes get. The reason I love this year’s Thanksgiving holiday is because my family’s experience of it was far from being predictable.

This year I actually only got to spend the day with half my family (mom and younger brother), the rest (dad and two sisters) opted for the louder, crowded, more festive version in Southern California. Those of us left behind still got along quite famously though. The evening began with my mother and brother taking drinks of Bacardi as my mom finally recounted the strange events of her early twenties (which, until now, were years that have been unaccounted for…dear God, it’s taken me so long to pry these stories from her mouth, I wish I’d have known that all I had to do was give her some rum), then progressed with a period of us three trying to silence the ever so sensitive fire alarms that “won’t-shut-the-fuck-up-already”. After that was Thanksgiving dinner time, when each of us, never really being big fans of turkey or stuffing, got to have whatever we wanted:

Brother: baked chicken and corn

Me: pizza, broccoli with cream of mushroom, and Jolly Rancher Jell-o
(in cups…must be in cups)

Mom: anything that’s not turkey

It was grand. We didn’t spend the entire day stressing over and preparing for that one important meal; much less do things according to the conventional Thanksgiving Day protocol.

Something I’ve always noticed from holidays past is that, most of the time, people get so wrapped up in “tradition” that they forget to enjoy themselves. I vividly recall the days when my aunts would run around the kitchen with such serious drive and urgency (trying to get all the necessary dishes ready for the family) you’d think they were preparing for war. Such hustling and bustling would typically last the entire day. Meanwhile, all the men are busy keeping up more of the “tradition” by propping themselves in front of the television, complete with beers in hand. In my family, what tends to occur as a result is less meaningful interaction and more rote behavior. To hell with that, give me more spontaneity, more impulsiveness. Forget the cranberry sauce! Give me sushi! This year’s Turkey Day was unique. I immensely enjoyed myself. Hope all six of us will be around next holiday…mmm…Christmas…

Posted by irene at November 28, 2002 10:38 PM

i still wish you guys would have come down w/ here us. oh yes, LA has changed. not really LA but palmdale. i dont recognize hardly anything but the mall! what happened???? i come back and the population is 120 thousand plus??? what happened???????? we arrived in palmdale around 1 or 2pm thursday, we went straight to tita merci's house to eat. we stayed there for a bit then kuya toffee and mike came over and took bea and i to kuya toffee's apartment. we get there, we eat again, and watch tv. stayed there pretty late actually, i was hella tired. the next day, which is today, i went w/ the kuyas again and maricelle. kuya toffee drove us to downtown LA. we visited tokyo town, china town, and mexico city. we went thrifting and i finally bought me a green jacket and a boy scouts shirt, woo woo! im hella excited. after downtown we drove up to diamond bar near pomona and hung out with the kuyas' friend abigail. we had planned to go to speedzone but that shit was closed- and it was raining anyway so we prolly wouldn't have been able to race...we could have drifted but not raced. around 5 pm or so we left to shoot some pool. kicked it there for awhile and then we went home. tomorrow i'm invited to go to the kuyas' crew meeting. i get to see me some mad cars!!! yay! rice rockets more like but o well...then off to take some pictures. i'm excited. i'm prolly gonna do more in these four days that im here in LA than i've ever done this whole year. yes yes, my life is so freakin exciting 100% of the damn time. but yah, i'm really sad. palmdale has grown so big! omg ahtay, its so big!!!!!! you wont be able to recognize it seriously. im glad you had a great turkey day- i'm having fun as well altho ur goofy ass chose to stay behind. i shall forgive you. christmas we will all definitely be together- we better or i shall throw spasmic tantrums. right now its pretty late and i'm watching that movie with tom cruise and the girl from ferris buehller's day off. i doubt thats how u spell that movie but o well. i think we need to buy this movie (the tom cruise one) becoz it contains some things of interest to me like fairies, unicorns and that whole load of bull u guys put up with...and of course tom cruise is in it. hah. anway, im tired. and yo tengo hambre. so see u later. gnite.

Posted by: gipa on November 30, 2002 12:52 AM
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