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May 18, 2009

Tech review: my new shorts

These are the best shorts I've ever worn:

Giordana Formas. They're super soft, the edges are all seamless, they don't have the annoying rubber grippers on the legs, the chamois is comfortable for 4 hours + an hour on the couch eating a mexican sandwich. I'm going to have a hard time wearing anything else. Look out world, Katie's only wearing bike shorts from this day forward.

If you want some of your own, which no doubt now you do, www.chainreactioncycles.com has them for about half the US cost. Love that exchange rate.

May 21, 2009

"California may be too big to fail"

I wish I had something intelligent to say about California residents' resounding refusal to do its representative government's job for them, but I don't. So I'll refer you to Hank's excellent discussion of the issue:


Good thing California is too big to fail. Too bad our high school aren't! Ba-dum ching!

May 25, 2009

someone told me a funny story

A friend was working at her college job, cooking gyros at a street stand on Welch Ave in Ames, IA. It was winter, and cold, so it's always fun to watch the scantily clad sorority chicks shiver down the street in short skirts. One of them stopped at the gyro stand. "Can I get a warm pita?" My friend complied, and then asked her to move out of the way so the next person could order. "But... it's COLD!" Yeah, I know, but you're not really dressed in such a way that would make me take pity on you. Please move. *whimper whimper hover over hot stove* Listen you need to move out of the way, please. "But... I'm pretty!"

Drunk sorority girl probably didn't realize what came out of her mouth, maybe the cold had slowed down her thought-voice filter to the point where she just said what she was thinking. My friend gave her the warm pita bread and she went on her way. Where that way will take her, god only knows.

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