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Rhode Island boys, II

Nobody wanted to come see Deer Tick play in SF with me, so I went by myself. I got there at the start of an uninspiring set by a band who really wanted to inspire me, bless their hearts. I started getting sleepy. I didn't think I would make it through the night. Deer Tick came on, played the following cover, and announced that this was the first song on one of their favorite records, and the first song of one of their favorite shows. They could tell.

And it was a great show. They covered everyone and their dog, whose songs I'm not always familiar with, and they played lots of their own songs too. The highlight by far was "Dead Flowers", a Rolling Stones cover. I wish I could find a video, but put on the Stones version, and then turn up heart to 11, and you might know what I mean:

P.S. Only fucking rock stars can do a single, 1-song encore and have it be La Bamba.


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John B:

Very clever, Katie.

"Deer Tick covers everyone and their dog"

Hah, I love when I make unintentional puns. Does that count as a pun?

In his new book 'Life and Times of a Rolling Stone' Rolling Stone Keith Richards states he used to call Mick Jagger Brenda and Her Majesty when he got fed up with him. Bet he called him a lot worse than that :-)!

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