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July 1, 2008

June 23-24, 2008: Etna, CA

If you're a man, say if you're a cowboy, Northern California and the Scott Valley is about as good as it gets. You got yer irrigated pasture, yer mountains and meadows, yer fishing, yer bear hunting, yer cattle driving, all this and you still get to live in California. Or in the State of Jefferson, if you perfer.

But you are short on women.

So a casting call: All those ladies who appreciate a little brush clearing, trail riding, fishing, hunting, haying, a hard day's work and a cold beer, Jefferson State needs you. The eligible men seem to have divorced, fathered, or otherwise excluded all available women. These are good men, but they're not looking for a woman "whose jean skirt matches her ponytail..." They're sick of the small-town pickings, their neighbors' ex-wives and daughters. Their biology is calling for some new genes in the pool.

Sorry guys, I'm just passing through. Honestly, what did you expect when you moved out here?

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