August 27, 2002
Winter's Tale-First Rehearsal

Hey man...first rehearsal that I've attended today. It was okay. It SHOULD have been fabbity fab fab fabulous but after the day I had today with the little SOB that I babysit....NOTHING could've raised my spirits. Okay, so maybe SOME things could've...I won't get into that now. First I must rant about the stupid day I had.
This dude that I sit...he has major major M A J O R authority problems. I don't know what's WITH his tiny little seven year old mind. I tell him "Blake, take that back!" (he had just said that he wishes that his brother is dead) and he goes "NO!" and I go "Go to your room!" and he goes "NO, I DON'T WANT TO!" and I go "What? Did you just say no???!!!Go to your room NOW!" And I want to just drop kick him into oblivion.
That happened about five times today. Onto the rehearsal.
I arrived effect of this babysitting job from hell that I've already commited to. Eric the Choreographer refused to give me a spot, saying in a total get away from me you lowlife voice, "I've already sort of explained it to everyone, so why don't you just watch this time?" And I'm thinking No way in hell am I sitting out of my first rehearsal. But, to my JOY, the grand and supreme Eric the Choreographer decides to give me a spot after all.

He sent me to a group up the hill and that's where I met Sherry and "ZedslashDuceslashWill". Real name Will. Has identity problems at the age of 13. God, I love drama people. I asked Lauren (the third and final member) what in the name of cute fuzzy squirrels everywhere what we were doing and she said, ticking these off on her fingers as she went, "Running, jumping, hiding, frolicing, and spinning." I nodded and said "Woohoo, when do we start?" in a dark and eeeeeevil voice. The way I see it is "give the 'right' impression from Day 1". Yeeeehaaawww! So we ran through our little thingy where we start up from the portables, run into the road and jump, then run across the field and hide up in a little tree cove. Then we come out and frolic over to the top of the big tanbark hill where we hide then come out and spin in slow circles then start randomly dancing. This happens during intermission. Oh, just so you incredibly confused people know, I'm doing a Cal Shakes production of Winter's Tale and I'm in the ensembleslashdancechorusslashbohemia. Totally awesome, me first professional production and hopefully not my last (knock on wood...shit, my desk's glass).
Sherry and Brook are really cool and totally in my league (since I'm looking for a date to the party of weirdos on Friday). We joked, I made people laugh, and we all were merry. Neeto bazeeto. The odd thing is that while Sherry and Brook are so awesome and nice (and some other people whos names have escaped the Happy-Land of my mind and ran away screaming), there are tons and tons of ultra snotty people at Cal Shakes too. Not happy. They seem to think that they're important and posh since they made it into a pro show. I'm proud that I made it and I really hope nothing else. As in, no ego the size of a small whale. They other kind of upsetting and nerve-wracking thing is that everyone seems to know eachother...everyone goes to school together or were in the CS student workshop. I'm not worried about making friends (cough kindergarten cough), but it's just harder to break the stiff and stale film of the pudding-o-friendship and wiggle your way into the deep, soft, and cool interior where you lay your eggs wait for them to hatch then TAKE OVER THE WORRRRLD! In a totally non-metaphorical way of speaking.
Teddy and AO are worried about me putting my full name on the web...the comforting thing is that they credit this grrrrreat idea to my mom. How thoughtful of them. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go maintain my other four blogs. I know, I know, fine line between dabbling and disgusting excess. I've heard it all before.

Posted by kelly at August 27, 2002 11:10 AM

ahem, ... I believe I credit this great idea to AO and myself, no offense to your mom. Credit your help in setting it up and getting it running. And yes, we're as thoughtful as two people of our age and gender can possibly have a right to be. Thank you very much.

Glad your mic is on and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

Posted by: teddy on August 27, 2002 4:17 AM

Yeah, I really appreciate the whole "help kelly get up and running" thing...moveable type is awesome (buy it today for just $382358!!!), but I'm going to have to give mother dearest the Oscar for "worry about kelly's full name on the internet you never know who the psycho stalker is". : P

Posted by: kelly on August 28, 2002 6:54 PM

No, I can't take credit for either.
The team blog was Teddy & AO, and the over-protectiveness was AO, not me (although I whole-heartedly second it!)

I'm just an observer here..

Posted by: Robin on August 29, 2002 11:57 AM

That I would ever be thought of as thoughtful, protective, or anything of the sort is absolutely absurd.

Posted by: AO on August 29, 2002 6:31 PM

I went to the show last night. Did a search on Winter's tale and CAl Shakes and here I am. Being an old fart, I thought the Bohemia scene was great. Lot's of energy and some creative dancers. Made me long for my yute. My thought was "Seems like somone is going to sprain an ankle....running through the mole-ridden hills". Funny to hear your thoughts about the cast. No escape from egos or baloney even in the
oh so cool and accepting drama circles I guess?
Good luck

Posted by: woody on October 2, 2002 8:53 AM

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