August 28, 2002
Dance vs. Acting--who will win???!!!

BREE BREE BREE Red alert!!!!!!!! This is bad, bad bad. My dad is forcing me to make a difficult decision. I HATE DECISIONS. Especially difficult ones....*shudders*. And this, this, my fine furry friends, is the monster of all difficult decisions. I must choose between ballet (laugh it up...) and Winter's Tale. Dad calls himself brilliant for presenting this to me, and says that they're both great opportunities and I can't do a halfway job on both. This totally sucks. How in God's three letter name am I supposed to pick between performing and performing? Ann is so great...(my dance teacher)...but my friends at Shakey's are so great too...and there's nothing like performing with a professional theater troupe...but there's nothing like ballet...GOD THIS SUCKS! I'm really P.O.DEDED.

Plus, Blakey Wakey was especially naughty today...did the same stuff as yesterday...grr. But I digress. I probably can't miss the first tech. What the hell's a chair rehearsal? On the same day as the second day of dance...after all, I'm going to miss a lot lot lot of ballet already...actually, not THAT much, I can arrive after curtain. I'll just have to change in the car *goodie*. My dad CAN'T make me choose. I've already had a toughie this year: choir vs. ballet and acting. Well, OK, so it wasn't a hard decision. I made it in like four seconds. I am NOT going to pick. I can do both, godammit, and I'm going to do both. This totally blows. On a lighter best friend made JV volleyball and she's a freshman, like me! That means that she'll probably make Varsity next year. Atleast, that's the track she's on now.
And besides, I can't pick. I love both of these things so MUCH. and plus, say I pick Shakey. Suppose they don't want me back for another one? Suppose I don't hear about tryouts anymore? And as for ballet. I don't know if I can stick to it. One of the subs (who is also one of the teachers who will probably be teaching all of pointe in the fall...grr) and I are not the best of friends. She patronizes me since she knows I've only started ballet last fall. And, since she just learned I'm 14 (thought I was 17), it will probably get worse with the coming term. Great, this stuff is just what I needed today. To add it on top of a little deadly situation I'm having about this guy is HEAD BANGINGLY AGGRIVATING. Ok. ooookaaaaay. *inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, exhale DAMN TAPE* I'll be fine. I usually land on my ass, which is good cause bums are smushy! : / Have a day

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