August 30, 2002
Freshman Orientation

WHAT A FREAKIN WASTE OF A DAY! They herd us into the gym and an english teacher talks for an hour about the plusses of not dropping out. Then we meet with a little group of six people and play some really pointless games. OK, so I learned the life stories of half a dozen people. Remind me...this has WHAT to do with high school? Then we were shown around the school with painstaking brevity and vagueness. And to crown it all, we were given schedules. Yes, I thought, I'm going to get my schedule then find all my classes so I won't be freakin lost on Tuesday. BUT NO! Oh, I was given a schedule all right, and it had my classes and teachers on it, BUT NO ROOM NUMBERS! "Oh, you get those on the first day of school." SO WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE WHOLE GODAMN ORIENTATION?!?!?! Plus, I didn't get EITHER of the electives I signed up for. French and that SO FREAKIN MUCH to ask? What they did sign me up for is (in order) PE (goody! I can't WAIT!), Eng. Honors, geography (wtf?), Health and Safety (Sex Ed edition number 9....EVERY GODAMN YEAR), and geometry honors. I signed up for eng. honors, geom. honors, science honors, french, and drama. I'm going to LOVE high school!

The funny part of the day was this: (OK so maybe Scathingly Ironic is the term I was searching for) The same English teacher who told us not to drop out at the beginning of the day gave another half-baked speech about not wasting time. She said that even wasting one day was idiotic and that we should never do it. I wanted to punch her face in. According to my group leader, I'm "screwed"...I have Bowers, Scott, and Gildersleeve. According to him, that's the worst friggin schedule one could ever ask for.


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