August 30, 2002
Freshman Orientation, edition II

OK. Things are better now. We went back to SLHS, talked to the counselor, and as it turns out, PE turns into French second semester. The even BETTER part is that we talked to Mr Minton (drama teacher) and he's gonna pull a few strings to get me into fourth period drama! YES! We went into the drama room (hereafter P3) and it is amazing. When you walk in, you see in front of you blank floor. To your left are chairs, the kind with the little fold-over desks. The chesks are arranged on these teir thingies. To your MINIATURE STAGE!! It's about ten inches off the floor and has a kitchen set on it, complete with cabinets, a stove, an island, a sink, and a fridge. I saw it and totally spazzed out. I jumped up onto the stage and tittered around on it, opening the fridge. Didn't work, but it was filled with wigs! So cool! Then, to your absolute right is a corridor, and a set of four full-sized green lockers with a name painted on them, assumably of a school.

I opened one...full of shoes :-D You walk down the corridor and four feet in, the wall to your left opens into a small room, piled with more sets of four green lockers, costumes, shoes, wigs, props, tables, and paint. One foot into the hall, there's a doorway with no door that takes you straight onto stage left of the mini-stage.
If you keep walking down the hall way, it takes you to a room. There's a door in front of you and a room to your left with a door in the corner there. On the wall in between the door are lots and lots of hangers, packed with costumes. The wall to the left, presumably the back of the upstage wall, has a table with lots of stuff on it. What, I didn't check. The doors both lead to bathrooms.
Mom laughed at me when I was scampering around, reading the graffitti on the walls and touching the costumes reverently.
The best part about the stage is the lights. There are actual lights on the ceiling, STAGE lights that shine onto the stage. Professional lights, real lights, like the lights on the big stage in the gym and the ginormous stage at Bancroft. I could hardly believe my eyes. Mom was babbling about how I should get the HW for this class even if I'm not sure if I'm going to be in it or not, just to express my enthusiasm, and I interrupted, gasping "Lights! Look, lights!". Indeed.

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