September 04, 2002
High School

High school is built to implement survival of the fittest. Between the maze like portables, the maze like halls, the maze like shop wing, and the maze like schedule, only the strong survive. Then there's the added "pressure". Of course, there IS no added pressure. They just say that to psych you out. I'm in three honors classes and, on the second day of school, am already reaping what I've sown: homework beyond any past experience. The other thing about the honors classes is the silence. I'm in English and Geometry first semester and the class is constantly pin-drop noise level. IE, none. Incredible. I can work easily and comfortably. If I fail Geometry, atleast I'll fail in a class full of solitude and peace. Whee.
I still haven't found out about drama. Too bad really. I give it till the end of the week before I cement myself into a little stone niche in a catacomb that is the Health/Safety and Geography class. You know, like in "The Cask of Amontillado". Boy, is Poe a downer or what? I've read a lot of his stuff, but Amontillado is just extra gag reflex causing. Interesting dude, Mr. Poe. Very interesting.

Later that evening...7:28 pm
I've been working on homework for an hour and a half. I have nothing to show for it. For, my dear, dear readers, I have been reasearching. Africa. Yes, I've been researching AFrica for my pointless Geography class. and I have nothing to show for it. I'm ready to kill everyone! wheeeee. Ok. Ok. calm down, Kelly. I'm going to go write an essay for English, answer questions so I can get to know my geometry textbook, and DO MORE RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED! If I don't post for another few days, they've locked me in the looney bin for stuffing pencils up the noses of those who aggrivate me. Have an oh so excellent day!!!!

Posted by kelly at September 04, 2002 04:11 PM

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