September 15, 2002
Opening night and Drugs

Good stuff last night, too. I got there on call (marvelous), which was four hours before curtain. We did about thirty minutes of rehearsing...which I slept through. See, I flopped down in the hammock up in the Cabanna o Crack and fell asleep and when I woke back up, all the people who were waiting around were gone...I went down the hill and they were all there. Whoopsy daisies. :-P So then the performance started. Everyone was on fire. Us ravers were ultra hyper. The house was freakin PACKED, too. We even got some little kids to dance with us. Very fun.
The best part was after the performance: cast party!!! I watched the elevator scene again. It would help if Hermione paused a little longer on the breath when she touches Perdita's head. And if she started a little softer. Man, when they were first rehearsing that scene and I was watching...woo. That scene has got to be one of the most powerful bits of acting that I've ever seen. That and one of the scenes in Act III, when Polina's hecka pissed at Leontes for killing the queen and prince with his jealousy and grief.

Polina's amazing.
So anyways, cast party. We all came down the hill, most of us still in costume. We went and boogied on the stage for a long time, basically, cheering our asses of during John Moscone's speech; he's the artistic director. Then we grabbed some audience members who stayed for the party (it was in the lobby) and forced them up on the stage with us. We also got Adam, Elias, and Megan, the apprentices, and Mr. Moscone, Peter, Coleman, and Mila. Peter plays Polixines, Coleman plays Autolocous, and Mila plays Perdita. Very cool party.
There's one thing I found out yesterday or the day before that disturbed me: All the ravers either smoke cigarettes or weed or both. Steve, who memorizes monologues and dresses straight out of a Charles Dickens book has been in my esteem: he's pretty funny and nice and guys who act are just cool. Then I found out that he smokes in the bathrooms at his high school and does weed. My jaw dropped. I found out John (not Moscone), who's my age, also does weed and smokes cigarettes. I asked them why they did it, they said they liked "the buzz".
"So it doesn't bother you that your lungs are getting blacker every time you light up?" Steve shook his head.
"Those DARE officers are full of shit." John said. So what if they're full of shit, it's not like DARE's the only evidence against smoking that there is. Take my gramma, who died from empysima. Take the coughs, the yellowed teeth, the rotting gums, the deaths a year that outnumber car accidents in gross amounts, take the freakin ingredients...cyanide, all the same stuff as rat poisoin. Rat freakin poison. I just don't get people sometimes. Then the really sad part was that they were making themselves out to be saints by saying that they would never to speed or heroin or shit like that. They were talking about how DARE officers said that weed was a gateway drug because if you like what weed did, you would go for more hardcore stuff. I literally wanted to throttle them. So they were saying that they would only smoke weed and never fuck themselves up with heroin or speed.
Not that I don't respect their decision to kill themselves a little bit day by's just that I don't.
Nobody appreciates you for blowing smoke into your face. However, creating something beautiful or exciting or funny or sad or thoughtful or intriguing, that you are appreciated for. Who needs drugs when you can hop up onstage and get higher faster without the fall?
OK, back to the cast party. Muchas fun. The actors all seemed tres happy and in their rightful habitat, all so basking in the happiness that seemed to be radiating from everyone. I know I was pretty damn happy to be there. Who wouldn't be, with all that yelling and music and dancing? Great stuff, last night.

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