September 19, 2002
"Telling It Like It Is"

If you go to the n, you will find a section on message boards. If you go to that section of message boards, there will be banner ads and an announcement in a beige box telling you that THIS, a site based on a TV station, is the place for you to "tell it like it is, get it off your chest, and maybe make some good friends." Right. Sure. The message they give you after you submit your post says that a board moderator is checking the message to see if it's ok. I have no problem with board moderators, but their whole ad campaign focuses on how this is a free zone, this is the place where it's "real life now." You write one thing about bisexuality or homosexuality and you're zapped.

I wrote a message about my dog Max dying in response to a moroseful girl who's Sheltie died the night before. They posted that one; I support that desicion: it was a condoling message. I told the girl that the pain would subside and that she should focus on the positives of her relationship with the doggy. However, I also support the telling of real life for reals. If they're afraid of deflowering the "virgin ears" of their "honest" message board goers, they shouldn't have a motto about how free you are at their site.
If the site is going to be "real. life. now", why not put in BOTH HALVES of real life? Half of the time, you're deeply miserable, thoughtful, losing, whatever. That's not the half they're showing. Not that losing your dog isn't deeply sad, it is, and it's very real, but still...wouldn't you agree that a sexual orientation is perhaps even less hard core than that? If they're going to talk about death and dying, the way we live our lives is not important. So why not let anyone talk about it?

Posted by kelly at September 19, 2002 03:53 PM

Posted by: asddsa on December 14, 2002 6:57 PM
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