September 22, 2002

The performance did not go well. I was three counts behind in the music (and thus on the wrong foot) and the ending was sticky sticky terrible YUCK BAD BAD BAD which is loathesome because it's the last thing the audience sees.
So yeah, I'm not happy about that. Not at ALL.
I'll just hope no one noticed. Everybody says that they didn't notice anything, but you never know if they're just saying that to make you feel better.
Nutcracker is coming up. wee~!
have a day! or two...or three...or eight point three...

Posted by kelly at September 22, 2002 02:02 PM

they're not just saying that to make you feel should know, being your own harshest critic means you'll always notice more than everyone else--comes with the territory.

Posted by: Robin on September 23, 2002 6:34 PM
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