December 19, 2002
Well well well

Haha. I'm "back", but not for long. Leaving for Vegas on Sunday (wee). I'm gonna be there for my biiiiirthday and for chriiiiiistmas.
Quick update on news.
Laramie Project is out the window. Instead, we're doing an night of one-act plays. The one I'm in (The Way of All Fish, by Elaine Arkin) is by FAR the longest at 40 min, which is obscene. Fish consists of two people, a secretary and me, her boss. It's hilarious and will be performed in January. Dates to come.
I turn 15 on Monday.
I'm sick again and I screwed up my knee walking down a hall, so I'm OUT of jumpy things during dance class, which is OBNOXIOUS to say the least, since I love to jump.
annnd...oh yeah. for the play, the secretary is triple-cast and the boss is single cast. I'm awed at how that happened (pure chance) and overcome with joy that it did. Very exciting.
And it's cold and rainy.

Posted by kelly at December 19, 2002 04:54 PM