April 17, 2003
SARS Mask Experiment

You know about that SARS thing right? You've seen the pictures of the people in the cities of China wearing surgical masks to keep them from getting it, right? People are pretty spoked about this, I should know; Tuesday I donned a surgical mask for half of the day! Oh boy, was that a hoot!

Walking to class, Megan wanted to stop by the Health Center for some reason and they were handing them out for free, so I took one! Oh boy, I have never seen people move so far away from me, eyes ogling wide! Kids in class not couldn't even look at me; other people actually avioding me!

Only one draw back to the mask, to moist and warm around my mouth.

Posted by marc at April 17, 2003 10:01 AM | TrackBack

if u ever want to be left alone by evil, annoying dorks then the mask would come in handy. you could also avoid nasty smells with the mask like body odor or bad breath.

Posted by: guia on April 20, 2003 03:46 PM
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