May 09, 2003
I Actually Have To Do Something?!

With the end of the spring semester coming up and wanting to stay in the city, I've decided that it is now imperative that I find a job. Thinking about it this morning, it finally dawned on me that I actually have to do something to get a job.

That statement might sound funny to anyone that reads this because they've gone out and found jobs before. For me though, every job that I've had has always come to me. I'm not saying that people search me out, clamoring for my services, pleading that they can't survive without my incredible customer service and selling capabilities (which are wonderful qualities that I have).

In reality, my first job was working odd jobs for my dad's construction company. A little demolition here, a little drywalling there. (Actually, it was more like "Marc, get up! I need you to move crap to the dumpster!" or "Hold this drywall up so I can nail it to the wall." Not really doing construction, but more of my dads monkey. Using your children is a lot cheaper than paying day laborers. They'd work for an actually days pay, while I was given lunch and a $5 dollar bill at the end of the day.)

My first job -and my only job during high school- was working at an Arby's near Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach. I got the job when my friend Jeff told me that they had needed someone at his work, and that I'd already got the job if I would come in. I'd hated the job and thought it was below me. In reality, I was a lazy piece-of-crap that never failed to call in sick every Friday and Saturday night. It got to the point that I was always sick, and doctors notes were always some benal ailment that were signed by doctor Pederhass. The day that I quit was because I wanted to go to a school dance with this girl Erin that I'd liked. When I was told that I had to come into work, the doctor told me I was sick again and the next day I promptly quit.

The next job that I worked for was the business my mom worked for. After high school, my mom told me that I needed to get a job and that I could make some money by being the "copy boy" -monkey boy-at her office.

It was great! I'd make people coffee, fetch people food, make people copies and do random jobs around the office. I loved it! Then, tragedy struck and I had to do some real work. I asked if I could actually do less meaningless work and get paid more, so they put me up doing computer work for cheaper than hiring someone with experience (monkey boy again!). For some reason I excelled. I ended up working there for 6 years before I left to move up here to San Francisco.

Now without a job for 8 months, and it slowly approaching summer, its time to find a job again. But this time, I want a job that I want. I've been trying to call my friend Josh who works at Ameoba Records in the Haight, but I haven't been able to reach him. And I don't know anyone that works anywhere I want to get a job at! So I now actually have to go out and find a job on my own, and I'm terrified! I actually have to do something to find a job?!

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I mean, good luck.


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