August 03, 2003
Update: 08-03-2003

Been without the internet for the summer since I moved into my new place. As of yesterday, I now have the internet again and will be able to write new things on this little site of mine. No one ever reads this, but I'm going to update it again.

So here is the update:
I now live in the Haight-Ashbury district of the city. I always thought that this part of town was pretty crappy, and now that I live here, I know this place is pretty intersting. The homeless in this area still think it is the 60s-where they pretty much lived for free back then and expect you to pick up their expenses today. It gets really anoying when you walk out of a restaurant with some take-out and the street punks ask you for the food you just bought. Unh.

Yes, I have been working at Urban Outfitters here in the city near Union Square. I've sold clothes, greeted at the door and caught people trying to steal. Crazy stuff.

And lastly, I'm still taking summer school and finished my first class. Anyway I'm taking a California history class which has turned out to be a real easy class. Almost as if it were a waste of time.

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