August 31, 2002
Realities and Myths

Tonight I went down to the Castro theatre with my friend Ruth to see a film she was excited to see called "Baraka". Directed by Ron Fricke and originally released in 1992, the film is an astounding piece of documentary that says more in it's use of images than can really be written or explained.

Using film photography with no dialogue, boosting each image with dramatic musical punctuation, Fricke juxtaposes societies myth's and realities concerning our faiths and our actions; our spirituality and it's effects on each cultures surroundings; the drama of our everyday and the world around us. This film reminds me so much of what I miss everyday when I don't leave my house: the purity of the constalations that move wonderously on the horizon each evening, the unmistakable hope and peace that is in a human soul, and the intense feeling you know that all you have is just one tiny, fleeting moment on this world before all life ends.

Friday morning, I'm going to Montgomery and I'm going to watch the people go to work as the sun rises. I'll have my coffee, and I'll have my smokes. Can't wait.

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August 30, 2002
Bay Area Madness...

Yes, I said madness! And why shouldn't I? I'm really starting to love this city. Oh San Francisco, you're just like the woman of my dreams! Rolling hills always covered with fog in the Inner Sunset and Parnassus Heights, a place called Cow Hollow (Yeah, how cool is that), and you even have a place called the Tenderloin! Must be a great place, I'm sure it's probably sweet and tender!

This place is Man-tastic! My roommates are cool, but the guy that I room with doesn't say more than 2 words at a time. Seriously, this is weird and it's kind of creepy. He also doesn't leave the room except for class and to get something to eat from the kitchen. His time is spent playing Spider Solitare all day long. Can you say Creepy!?

His fish died while he wasn't here, and when I told him about it, all he could say was OK. He doesn't say more than two words! Serious people. It's freaky! He's a nice guy and he's very respectful and polite, but damn, say more than 'ok', 'sure', 'alright', etc. His note not to feed the fish while he was out had more words on it than what comes out of his mouth. "Do Not Feed." Yeah Three words. That's a fricken record people.

Personally, I think that he's performing an experiment, filming me and taking notes. If someone finds me dead in a couple of days, you know exactly what happened! Call the cops!

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August 29, 2002
Edward Norton Is The Greatest Living Actor...

OK, so this is the greatest painter of all time. Don't believe me, check out his site!

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August 27, 2002
Oh God, Politics

'In Crawford, Tex., an administration spokesman said White House lawyers had concluded that the administration did not need Congressional approval to attack Iraq. The spokesman, Ari Fleischer, asserted that previous Congressional resolutions, as well as the president's power as commander in chief, already gave him that authority.'

This from the New York Times concerning the US attacking Iraq in the weeks to come. Now from what I know about such things, and someone correct me if I'm wrong (which I will add, I am not), the War Powers Act which was signed into law during 1973 prevents the President from using our troops longer than 60 days (See Sec 5b) without further concent by congress to appropriate funds.

Little history lesson here: this Act came after Kennedy and Johnson started deploying our troops to Vietnam. At that time we called the soldiers 'advisors' for the South Vietnamese military to train with. But soon enough, we were fighting in Vietnam and we had hundreds of thousands of troops there, and congress still had not declared war on Vietnam. (So you can only imagine how pissed off Congress was).

So, after 1973, Congress has been very weary of military action in which the President has sent the Armed Forces to. Panama would be a good example where we got in and out within 60 days so Congress did not have to be consulted. Maybe that's a reason why the budget that Republican presidents have allocated to the military comes from: In and Out as quickly as possible with little casualties so Congress won't change the rules some more.

So what I'm thinking is that the President is very intent on kicking Iraq to the stone age and beyond in less than 60 days, and then hopefully come up with some real evidence that shows how bastardly Sadam has acted. Then if more time is needed, they can convince congress of another 60 days of murderous destruction.

My question is this: What are some better ways of getting Sadam's people to revolt which would require less action by us to deploy more people?

During the Eisenhower administration, East Berlin was shut off from the West by the puppet governmernt that was supported by the Communists. Instead of attacking, we won the support of the East Berliners by being Humanitarians, didn't we? We sent food, supplies, etc. Shouldn't we be doing things like this to get Sadam's people to revolt? Instead of setting up Sanctions with the UN and starving his people, wouldn't it be better to make friends instead of enemies?

Oi! I am not a fan of beligerent power mongers! Somewhere, oil has something to do with all of this...

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August 22, 2002
When Will The Ghosts Finally Rest...

DJ and I went out for few drinks last night (no surprise there) and DJ made an intersesting statement concerning me and the women I date. There seems to be a long history there.

"The ghosts of women are your curse Marc".

Yeah. Anyone that really knows me knows the difficulties that I have with women and the way they weigh heavily on my mind. How I've cursed everyone of their names and praised them the next minute. All of them, each of them have been incredibly different in so many ways. The fun lovers, the drinkers, the academics, and the husband hunters, the way they left or I did. Nothing ever developed into anything serious but all of them had an amazing affect on me.

Heres the short list of those that affect me more than any of the others:

Carrie: probably the most sincere and deeply compassionate girl that I've ever known. She lived more in a day and cared more for most people than I could ever muster up. She ended marrying my at the time good friend Mike.

Penny: Bright and funny, with the ability to be passionate and sentimental with me at all the right moments. She just graduated last year from UCLA and I haven't seen her since then. Maybe I should give that girl a call.

Michelle: Something always seemed wrong while I was dating this girl, but the sex always was something to write home about. She was the housewife type, and that just always bugged me while I was seeing her.

Anna: Wow. I loved this girl, more than I ever should have. Things recently deteriorated when she lied to me for the last time and became a hypocrite. Yeah, I had my head in the clouds concerning this girl, but she always thought my jokes were funny, why shouldn't I love her?

Beth: Idealism was never lost on this one! I didn't live up to a certain thought on capitalism (smash it all! was her mantra) so she promptly dumped my butt in a parking lot. Funny, I had to explain most of the WTO and IMF opposition to her, as well as why certain people call for International Workers Rights. Yeah, I don't like this one very much.

I think about them often though, and when I'm drinking I remember all of them. This is nowhere near to how many I think of at the bar. All of this has something to do with my father somewhere. My sister tells me I should see a therapist. Hmmm...

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August 21, 2002
Tiocfaidh Ar Lia

For those of you that don't speak Gaelic, that would be the IRA's slogan "Our day will Come". Or so the Irish guy at the bar told me. His name was Martin, and he told me all about everyone's favorite land of Hurling (that's a sport), Harp (that's a beer), and the IRA (that's a terrorist organization).

You know, I don't even think that Gaelic is a real language. Serious. I think what had happened was when the Irish were deciding on other ways that they could screw over the English, they put their heads together and came up with Gaelic. I bet it was like 6 guys sitting at a table underneath a light bulb dangling from the ceiling that kept flickering on and off over and over. Then from the corner arises a dark figure (he'd have to be dark obviously, it has to fit the stereotype stupid) with a peg leg and a patch.

"I say we change the language, argh", the pirate says as he comes in and out of focus from the flickering light. Everyone is in agreement, obviously. But because their Irish, they're completely smashed. So, without coming up with any real language or rules, one of them comes up with the idea to make the language phonetic of English, but with an Irish accent. All are in agreement, and from that day forward, Irish Gaelic was born.

Wow. The Irish sure are vindictive!

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August 20, 2002
An Intrtoduction...

After 6 years of promising myself that I'd leave southern California for the Bay Area, I packed my fine collection of Dire Straights on picture vinyl, my leg lamp marked fragile ("Must be Italian!"), my one rubber ducky, and trecked the over 300 hundred miles to San Francisco! (Imagine how long it's going to take to finish my next goal! Sesh! Don't hold your breath if I promise you anything, you'll never get it).

How did I accomplish this feat you may ask? Well, if you must... I stole a car and bought a bunch of meth and took off for the Bay. When I woke up 2 years later, I discovered that I had been married to a circus performer and living in a trailer hauled across the Ganges by Giant African Elephants. Try explaining that one to the customs authorities when you try getting back into the country!

Seriously, I worked my butt off for a lame company called Proxymed right out of high school. I fooled around with community college for a while until I realized that I was not ment for rock stardom. *Sigh* So when I finally finished community college six years later (yeah I know, but you should meet everyone in my dorm, I'm not alone), I got accepted to San Francisco State University... Hurrah! So, I quit my job and moved up here, bright eyed and bushy tailed (as my mom would say) and now I'm seeing the real city life, yes sirrie! (I'm such a country bumpkin).

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