September 20, 2002
On The Fifth Floor: Dorm Life Part 1

I decided it was time to write a little about my dorm life here at SFSU, so these will show up every once in a while. A little column piece that I'm calling Dorm Life. News of people, gossip, and at some point I'm going to get pictures up of people as well and maybe do some bio's on them. So, without further ado, Dorm Life's first piece: On The Fifth Floor. (Kind of sound's like J-Lo's On the 6. Damn! I think I need to change the name).

I moved into the dorm on Aug. 14th and I noticed that my roommate, his name is Tom, had already moved all of his stuff in. Come to find out, he arranged everything to his liking as well! The beds are where he wants them: his next to the window, mine on the completely opposite side. The desks are where he wants them: side by side on the oppisite wall of my bed to the moniter lights shine in my eyes when their on. I guess he decided against any attempt at privacy, why would I want something so silly as that!?

Tom also has a fish tank. Tom has a lot of fish. Some fish he's had for years, especially his goldfish. These things are/were huge. The reason I put a '/' inbetween the 'are' and 'were' is because obviously, one is dead now. When I moved in, Tom didn't show up to the dorm until a week latter. All he left for me to figure out about him were the things he has, and a note placed on the fishtank that said: "Do NOT Feed". The man is gone for a week, and I'm not supposed to feed his fish?! Isn't that animal cruelty!? That's gotta be a crime!

Well, after the 2nd day, the largest fish in the tank died over night. Great. So now, I have one dead goldfish (huge goldfish) and because the sign on the tank states not to feed the fish, I'm interpreting that as 'Touch my fish tank and I'll rip out your balls and feed them to my sea urchin!' Serious folks, that's what it reads! After a few days, I couldn't take the smell any more, I had to do something. My side of the apartment smelled like a deep sea fishing exhibition, and the other roommates that I have (Jon and Jason) were also starting to get sick by it.

Salvation came in the form of a plastic sandwich bag. All of us thought, well, if he get's mad, maybe we can gradually force him out of the apartment, securing me a single-bed room and an opportunity for the window. The fish went down the garbage shute, and I planned the coup d etat like Napoleon III!

Tom showed up and well, Tom doesn't talk. Tom doesn't say anything. Literally! Not just about the fish, what I'm saying is, this guy does not talk. He's not dumb (and anyone that doesn't know, dumb means that you can't talk, not that your mentally chanlenged), he's pre-Med. Anyway, I introduced myself, so did he; I tell him about the fish, he says 'Oh'. And that's how it went.

Oh, and Tom only ever says two words at a time. Yeah, serious. Try talking to him, it doesn't work. My friends that come over, they try to get him to talk but he refuses to speak more than two words.

Actual Conversation between Tom and myself:

Me: Hi Tom. What are you writing your paper on?
Tom: Urinary Tract.
Me: ...
Tom: ...
Me: Did you learn anything new?
Tom: Oh yeah.
Me: ...
Tom: ...

So in conclusion, I'm going to try open ended questions too. Like, I don't know, describe to me your favorite urinary tract? Sure to get more out of him then!

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September 18, 2002
Update For Me Friends...

It has come to my attention that some people would like an update of what has been happening to me for the past couple of weeks, so without further ado, I give everyone...
"Ravishing" - the New York Times
"Beyond incredible" - The Onion
"If I was a fish, I'd be a guppie!" - Colin Powell

These past couple of weeks I've been trying to get a footing as to what I am doing here, in school that is. My History class is fantastic, and my two Journalism classes are turning out to be some of the most interesting classes I've taken in years. I decided to drop my International Relations class (United States Foreign Policy) because of my intense fear of speaking about a subject in public when I have no idea of what I am talking about. I was to give a briefing on why the U.S. has interests in France in front of the class, and since I could back out of this very easily and resort to a more 'Marc' style of learning, I just dropped the class. I know that I'm here to learn, but at this moment I think I need to get more comfortable with my surroundings and get a pinpoint in regards to my future plans. IR has nothing to do with my future endeavors at this moment, so I decided it would be best to focus on those that I have a better understanding of. So now I'm down to 9 units instead of 13, but that's OK. I just hope that the dorm doesn't realise until its too late, because being under 12 units is reason to kick people out of the Village.

As for other things off campus, my friend (whose name will remain from this site for this specific reason) got the SCARLET FEVER! Yes, the SCARLET FEVER! What that means specifically, I don't know! But she was sick and now I'm afraid that I might get it too! It's spreading and there is no way to stop it. First it goes for your throat, and then... YOUR CHILDREN! No kidding, I saw it once on the Discovery Channel!

I've been trying to get down to the Bottom Of The Hill which is basically The Troubadour in San Francisco. Recently I've been desperately needing to get down there, but I'm a little unsure of how to get back that late without having to take a taxi (BOTH is located all the way on the other side of town). Sadly to say, I've missed some really cool shows. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is playing here soon with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and so is Sleater-Kinney with the Bangs! I really need to get to those shows. If anyone that reads this can help me out, that would be MAN-tastic! (That's better than fantastic. Fantastic just doesn't capture the excitement that MAN-tastic can accomplish, I should know, I've experienced some MAN-tastic things. Also, this isn't some sexist thing, I just like the way it sounds, so get over any argument that I'm being sexist, it's a waste of my time... jerk!).

So, there we are, nothing that exciting at all. Isn't that gee-golly swell. Maybe I'll have some interseting things happen when I start to find a job (thanks Village for your lame firewall) and when I get my car the 27th from Southern California.

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September 12, 2002
Two Theories on Foreign Policy

At this time I am taking a class of United States Foreign Policy that goes into past, present, and future Foreign Policies of the United States. It also goes into two major theories that have arisen out of studies concerning the International realm of diplomacy. I've been going over these the past couple of days and I just wanted some discussion concerning them, so feel free to ask questions or make statements concerning with what I post.


Rosecranse: From my understanding, his theory is based on the idea that mutual cooperation between states will result in each states interdependence economically to profit: Each country will benefit from the success of anothers because they are tied together through trade and investment, which in effect reduces the chances of conflict between these states. A state that is independent from the international market (anarchy) can survive, but will not live as well as those who reap the benefits of specialization and extensive trade. To break any ties with your trading partners is not suicide, but it will reduce the amount of benefits you can reap from those same partners.


Waltz: The view of Waltz is quite different than the view of Rosecranse. Waltz views the state of nature of International Politics as being in a state of Anarchy, so that force and conflict are inevitable. States are limited from cooperating with each other because 'a state worries about a division of possible gains that may favor others more than itself' and 'lest it become dependent on others through cooperative endeavors and exchanges of goods and services.' States therefore do not want to create an interdependence because it could erode their labor force to specialized task and creates a dependence which could cause conflict later with possible gains. Force allows a state to manipulate, moderate demands, and serve as an incentive for the settlement of disputes*. War is not for who is right and wrong, it is about what are the gains and losses among the contenders and who for the time is stronger than the others*. In short, "International politics is the realm of power, of struggle, and of accomodation."

So, I think I got the gist of it in there, but... does anyone have any discussion?

*- Idea taken from the book 'Theory of International Politics' by K Waltz. 1979. Published by McGraw-Hill.

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September 08, 2002
Sunday Morning

At 9:35 this morning (the earliest I have gotten out of bed since I got here), I decided to go down to Church and Market for a cup of coffee and to watch the Sunday morning people go about their business. I took the M train which goes right by school and got off right here at the Church St. Station. It's in or near the Castro district of town, so I got a nice dose of Rainbow flags as I walked out of the tunnel.

I like it in this area of town. There are some really great shops that are around there, and I like the coffee shop that I recently found there too. It has local artists peices up on the wall, wood floors, and a great window in the back that opens up into a garden in the back of the building. The people there are really friendly and there's enough freaks that roam the streets that you can get your fill of madness and insanity. I went there yesterday to study during the afternoon (my United States Foreign Policy class, wow is this book so cool!) and I listened to a homeless guy yell at his shoe laces while I streched my legs for a little bit!

People taking their dogs to Duboce Park, on-their-last-leg old men sitting on the benches on Market St, wildly dressed wistle toting dread heads on bikes freaking out jaywalkers as they dodged cars trying to make their way to the diner across the street. What a great morning! I know that it wasn't what I was planning on doing (see this) but maybe I'll be doing that this week instead.

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September 06, 2002
Amendment to 'Wow'

Ok, this guy just has some major issues. I just by chance found that original site through the White Stripes website, but then I stumbled onto all of these: 1, 2, and 3. Some people really need help.

Wow, this just baffles me. How did the British at one time rule one-third of the world? How...?

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I get bored sometimes. All of us get bored sometimes. But for this guy...

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September 04, 2002
Beauty and Symmetry

I saw a girl wearing two different pairs of shoes walking by the cafe on campus today and it got me thinking about appearence and how people symmetrically dress. I think this also corresponds to the symmetrical shape of peoples bodies and the idea that a truely proportional body is an attractive person because there are little deformaties to this person. I've read somewhere that subconciously, we are attracted to symmetrical people because they have a greater chance of carrying on our genes and finding better mates (a greater chance of survival). So my question to myself was, does this also corelate to fashion apparel and how people view the clothes that you are wearing?

Obviously we derive different opinions about a person by the way that person dresses. What thoughts come to mind when a person purposefully puts on attire that is deemed unsymmetrical? You can tell a lot about a person by what they attach to their body in the name of style. So, if I donned two completely different pair of shoes, is this an obvious enough difference that people will take notice of and form an opinion? Also, if I wear clothes that are obviously contrary in color and style, what relative thoughts will those around me make concerning my character?

Tomorrow, I'm going to perform an experiment for my own pleasure, by wearing two distinctly different shoes. Then, maybe the next day, I'll chose to where colors or clothes that have nothing to do with each other. Give me some suggestions. Maybe I'll find a cumberbun(?) with a pair of sailor bellbottoms?

Send your suggestions to (deleted).

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