April 17, 2003
SARS Mask Experiment

You know about that SARS thing right? You've seen the pictures of the people in the cities of China wearing surgical masks to keep them from getting it, right? People are pretty spoked about this, I should know; Tuesday I donned a surgical mask for half of the day! Oh boy, was that a hoot!

Walking to class, Megan wanted to stop by the Health Center for some reason and they were handing them out for free, so I took one! Oh boy, I have never seen people move so far away from me, eyes ogling wide! Kids in class not couldn't even look at me; other people actually avioding me!

Only one draw back to the mask, to moist and warm around my mouth.

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April 03, 2003
VOA: You Must Be Kidding

The VOA is the Voice of America. I stumbled upon it today while just checking out news on Google. Funny thing is, it's run by the US government! Aha ha ha! You must be kidding me! The government trying to pass itself off as a news organization... that's just really funny to me. That idea holds as much weight as FOX News calling itself "Fair and Balanced."

Anyway, I bring this up because I saw a news article that Google brought up entitled: "Bush Visits Camp Lejeune, Meets Families of Troops Killed In Iraq." And in the first graf, this "News Organization" displays that the tax money spent on this oddity is absolutely worth it:

Bush Visits Camp Lejeune... As U.S.-led forces close in on Baghdad, President Bush is visiting the country's largest U.S. Marine base at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The president is addressing troops this hour on the progress of the war. He will also meet privately with those killed in Iraq.

So... Bush can talk to dead people? Are these American soldiers now zombies, meeting with Bush, enjoying a good brain? I didn't know that our dead soldiers could meet with the President? What? Maybe it is just me that finds this funny. Most likely. Isn't it one of the first things when you're taught to write a sentence--not just in the journalism program... but in Grade School!-- to make sure that your sentence makes sense!?

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April 01, 2003
Tomorrow Always Brings Something Better

I love a good political cartoon and Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" is one of my favorites. As an objector to the war, I find that his cartoons express the arguments against the war in a constructive way: with sarcasm. Check out his new comic here.

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