March 12, 2004
Shots Ring Out

Last night I went out on my stoop with Irene and while we were there, I heard 4 or 5 gunshots. A few minutes later, sirens could be heard coming from everywhere. I didn't know where they were coming from, but I knew it was somewhere near. A few minutes later my roommate and his girlfriend left.

A couple minutes later, they called me and let me know it was around the corner at Haight and Stanyan, right at the entrance to the Golden Gate Park. They said they saw someone lying on the ground, an ambulence, and police everywhere.

My neighborhood is overrun with street punks, thugs, hippies, and the homeless who have hung around here since the sixties. The street punks intimidate the neighborhood and push everyone around. Last week, they stabbed a hippy in the neck after an argument insued over something.

I like my neighborhood, I like my neighbors. I don't like the way the homeless and street punks threaten and disturb everyone that is here. Mark at the coffee shop is working on doing something about it, something ideological--that's just the way he is. I don't have such opptomistic outlook. I wish the police would finally do something, they seem to be a bunch of corrupt bastards that don't care.

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March 11, 2004
To Spain


My hands are with yours.

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March 05, 2004
Instead of Across the Street, I went 70 Miles

My senior thesis paper is about the Maine Secession movement from 1785-1790. I know it doesn't sound like much of a page turner for you, but for me, I think I might just wet my pants in excitment. There are a lot of possibilities to examine with this subject. However, there are not a lot of primary sources available.

Which brings me to why I'm posting tonight. Yesterday, I decided to head over to the California State Library in Sacramento to check out some books and microfilm slides that are available. Since this is such a sought after topic (please tell me you get the sarcasm), the availability of the information I need is located in sparse places: the post-Revolution newspapers are at UCLA; the Collections of the Maine Historical Society are at the California State Library; and a few other sources are located in Irvine, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and, I am assuming, the State of Maine.

Which brings me back to what happened. So I get there, begin searching on their catalog for the items that I need to research, and...low and behold...each of them are located at the Sutro Library on microfilm...across the street from my school. Nice waste of a day.

On a positive note, the capitol is a nice place... if you like poorly kept streets and the misguided Sacramento Kings fans. And since I'm on the subject, Arnold is not my favorite choice for governor either.

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