September 24, 2004
We Finally Know Who "They" Are!

From today's SF Chronicle.

Do you think he might be a member of the illuminati, throwing out a dupe just trying to throw us off again?!

Reminds me of that guy who wanted to sell the rights to his child's name and he was willing to name his child Microsoft if the price was right.

This guy did it for nothing.

I think I'm going to change my name to ..!)), but how do you pronounce that?

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September 13, 2004
Putin and Centralizing Russian Authority

From today's NY Times.

Putin pressing to centralize the Kremlin's authority.

Considering the situation that has developed from the recent terrorist attacks within Russia proper, Putin is proposing legislation that establishes greater authority under the executive body of their government. By reducing the power of the independent states, in favor of a centralized authority, the legislation proposes the appointment of pre-selected individuals to governorships that meet the criteria of the controlling party. Though the proposals also call for proportional representation within the Duma (Russia's federal legislative body), the legislation chips away at the soveriegnty of the people and places it under a despot, removing some vestiges of local autonomy from the states. In addition, the proposals call for NGO's to monitor the actions of the state, but this attempt at policing an ever increasing police state fails to have the authority and power to make necessary changes when the government infringes too much on the rights of the people.

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