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June 17, 2005


Welcome to the Sinogeek Blog. Here's a little (lame) introduction of myself just in case you are curious who I am.

I have been a China watcher since I was 11 years old, the year of 1989, one of the most critical years for Communist countries in the world.

I was moved by the students' passion for their country, and stunned by the government's brutality and dishonesty.

Since then I was obsessed with reading about China. The 1989 Democracy Movement was one of those few historical events that had an almost life-changing impact on me. Not almost, actually. It changed me.

So here I am, 16 years after the fact, wondering what I could do with all those knowledge and perspectives I have collected these years. I am much of a sinogeek, indeed, and so let me spill out my geekiness through this blog.

Some things you may want to bear in mind when you read this blog:
1. Don't take it for any journalistic value. While I do post news about China on this site, my choice of the news comes with a perspective. To sum it up, I don't try to be fair.

2. I welcome comments. But please, I do not like personal attacks, and if it gets too out of hand, I reserve the right to remove it (but I will exercise the power to censor to its minimum). I can go on and on about issues that I care about, and if any discussion engendered broadens my perspectives just a little, my purpose of maintaining this blog is served.

3. I also welcome offline discussions. Please feel free to email me (I will put a link to my email address once I set one up).

4. I will remain anonymous. However if you care enough to strike a conversation with me offline, chances are you will get to know me on a personal level, if you wish, that is.

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